Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 9)

Welcome to the first Monday of Winter. At least I think it's Winter? I don't know what the calendar says, but the foot of snow outside my apartment makes me think it is Winter. Call me crazy. 

Over the years, there are a few things I've noted about the first snow fall in the Midwest. First, people act shocked by the snow no matter how long they have lived here. It happens basically every year people. Second, everyone forgets how to drive. Watch out. Third, a lot more people are happy about the first snow fall than they are about any other snow falls following. Everyone loses interest real quick when they remember how much more difficult it is to get anywhere in the snow. We all basically hate winter, it just takes us a few days after the first snow fall to realize it. And once we realize we hate it, we hate it so much. It basically becomes our part-time job to hate on winter. 

I'm not going to claim to taking the high road here, but I do not want to waste my time dreading four months of the year again. This year Josiah and I are attempting to embrace winter. {I say attempting because it is going to be a difficult feat}. Well, maybe not embracing winter, but the cozy things that winter brings about. Hot chocolate? Oversized sweaters? Fires? Cozy blankets? Netflix? I am so there. Cold and snow? Not super into it. We are going to try to change our focus during this dreaded season. So yes, it's still going to be cold and yes, there is still going to be more snow than anyone asked for, but we are going to try our very best to think about the more desirable parts. Wish us luck. 

Here are your Monday links: 

1. I'm not sure that "strange" even begins to cover it.  This will leave you laughing, but also horrified because who does stuff like that?? 

2. When your Monday isn't going the way you want it to, just pretend you're here. Your boss won't find you. 

3. If the weekend's snow fall is dragging you down on this Monday just take a few tips from these people. The old man in uggs and yoga pants knows what's up. 

Happy Monday, friends! 

xoxo, Jenna