Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 29)

Monday. Monday. Monday. 

We're in this together, friends. Promise!

5AM has become our new wake-up time and I think I am into it. Well, maybe not exactly "into" it. Like, I don't jump out of bed with a smile on my face ready to take on the day at the sounds of my alarm, but when I finally relax at the end of the day I feel so accomplished and am so grateful that I made myself get up. It's been a welcomed change. Although I am certain my husband strongly disagrees. 

My day job works with the school calendar and so I am starting back at it this week, which is kind of bittersweet. I have so enjoyed all of this time to work on my side hustles and really the thought of leaving that saddens me, but it will be good to get into a new rhythm, a new schedule. It feels a bit like the end of summer between freshman and sophomore year of high school where you really dread it, but you are also looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting the new faces. 

Looking a bit toward the future, my side hustles are picking up and their potential to become full-time hustles has increased significantly, which has boosted my motivation like one-hundred fold. It also makes going back to my day job more bearable. It's so hard when you feel like you're giving your all, but you're not receiving any return on your investment, so I am incredibly thankful to finally start seeing some results. I want to encourage you to keep hustlin', because your hard work is definitely getting you closer to where you want to be, even if you can't see it yet. 

Here is some creative inspiration. Let's Monday, friends! 

1. One of my favorite photographers/lifestyle bloggers is opening a print shop on etsy and you should probably buy everything in it! Today is it's official launch date and you should probably hop over and show her some love. She did a giveaway earlier this week and I won the print pictured. So looking forward to receiving it and displaying it in our apartment! 

2. No such thing as too much green. Also, copper has totally stolen my heart.

3. This dress looks perfect for runnings errands around town or attending client meetings (just add heels!) 

4. Parisian casual

5. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Possibly too pretty to eat...? Nah.