We're Moving!


When Josiah and I first started dating almost five years ago, a good 80% of our conversations revolved around dreams. We dreamed about our future careers, which I think at that point for me was a Dietician, and for him a musician. We loved dreaming, it was our favorite pastime. It helped us through uncertain and seemingly directionless times in our lives. When we were dreaming, It felt like our current circumstances didn't matter because one day we would travel to Europe together (check!), get married (check!), graduate college (check!),  see the grand canyon, drive through the rocky mountains, see LA, and live near a big city (check!). My grandpa always says that life is meant for dreaming and I think he is so right. 

What makes dreams even more amazing is when you have talked about them for almost five years and you finally get to see them come true. One of the first dreams Josiah and I talked about during our early days together, was living in the mountains, specifically Denver. At the time, I had never been, but knew that if Josiah loved it, I would too. A year after this dream was first brought up, I visited for the first time and fell in love. The mountains, the sunshine, the city, everything about Denver screamed home. Flash forward three years and Josiah and I were planning out where we were going to live after we got married. Denver was still at the forefront of our mind, but other plans got in the way. Josiah got a job near Chicago and although we were ecstatic for his new position, we were incredibly saddened to see our Denver dream slipping away.  Fast forward ANOTHER year and circumstances have changed yet again. I am so excited to say that things have fallen into place and we will at last be living out our dream, our first dream. Come May, we will be taking on a whole new adventure with a Denver, CO zip code. I can't wait to share more of what is to come.