Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 35)

Hello Monday! 

I am up and going and two cups of coffee deep into this Monday. Josiah and I had an amaaaaaazing weekend. Friday night we were one of the crazies in Wrigleyville watching the game and the insanity was so, so worth it.  Amidst a wedding and engagement session, most of the weekend was spent exploring our new/old city (that we can finally call ours again TOMORROW!)

After two month of Josiah and I not living together, lots of back and forth between Denver and Chicago, we will FINALLY be settled into our new place tomorrow.  We both could not be more thrilled to be leaving this middle season of our life. Living with our stuff in three places has proved to call for some improvisation and lots and lots of patients.

Middle seasons are no joke. Sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes you leave your clothes on the floor because it feels like a futile effort to attempt organization, but thankfully there is always, always an end to these middle seasons. 

Cheers to Monday and the start of a new chapter.

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