Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 15)

Happy first Monday of the new year! That's a thing worth celebrating, right? A clean slate is at your fingertips and it's your choice on how you utilize it. I like to think I'm not a resolution maker, but really, I'm just not a resolution follower. I make them. Basically every year I scribble them on a piece of paper that I stuff inside a drawer and never see again. Maybe I should get better at that. 

Maybe I should write my resolutions here so that I can be held a bit more accountable? Yeah, no. That seems mildly obnoxious and perhaps a bit too personal. I love you all, but some things don't need to be shared. I can share one thing that I started last year and will continue to work toward this year though. I will strive to make your Mondays and my Mondays better. Both by changing my perspective and sharing adorable, hilarious, and genuine links I hope to make that first day of the week more bearable for you, even if just a bit. That's a resolution I think I can actually keep. 

Here are this week's links:

1. His giggles will brighten your day. Promise. 

2. These puppies and kittens meet for the first time. Your heart will swell. 

3. We should all take note from these tourists' mistakes. Don't recline your seat and keep your clothes on and you'll probably be good. 

Take on Monday like a boss!