Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 14)

New Year's is just around the corner. It's hard to believe that it's about to be 2016 considering I still find myself writing 2014. I am going to need to get with it, but I guess I still have a few days to at least catch up to 2015.

I hope that as you reflect on the year you are satisfied. If not, you have a wonderful year ahead of you full of possibilities. However you are feeling this year you can confidently say that it's the end of 2015, and you made it. 

Here are this week's links: 

1. We've all been there

2. You should probably eat this before you have to follow through with your New Year's resolution. 

3. After attempting a gingerbread house this weekend, I have so much respect for these. 

We'll talk next year. 

xoxo, Jenna