Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 13)


Hey friends! You know how last week I was like, "Hey, we're like suuuuper close to Christmas!"? And it was like super exciting because it was still far enough away that "last-minute" shopping wasn't really all that last minute. Well this week, it's like REAL close. Like, if that package from Parabo Press doesn't arrive by Tuesday, I might start freaking out. (Maybe I'm already freaking out...)

If you haven't left your house recently let me update you on the status of any and every store, CRAZY. Maybe that's not doing it justice, INSANE, that might be a better way to put it. People are everywhere and if you're not a fan of crowds (me!) then you better stay home, drink hot chocolate, and pay someone else to do your final shopping. I'm telling you, I've sworn off even going to Target for the next week. Yes, it's that bad.

In the spirit of Christmas (and Monday), here are your links. 

1. If you had any of these on your wish list, just hope your friends and family saw this review before they actually bought them for you. p.s. Alton Brown is a kitchen genius. 

2. It's like McDonalds that serves actual food. Get excited. 

3. Here's enough sass to last you the rest of the year. We really all wish we were her. 

4. I want them all!

Conquer Monday! 

And then have a very Merry Christmas! 

xoxo, Jenna