Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 12)


We are getting so close to Christmas! It seems almost impossible to believe though since yesterday was 62 degrees. Whether you are from the Midwest or not you probably know that is not normal. Like, at all. It's erie almost. I don't want to question it though. I was able to walk outside in a long-sleeve shirt and not even have a thought cross my mind about it being cold. Am I pressing my luck by wishing this would last until April? Perhaps.

Much like Christmas, something else is super close, so close in fact that it's practically here. It's Monday.  And admittedly it has no other commonalities with Christmas, unless of course Christmas were to be on a Monday, which would likely make it the best Monday ever. This year it is on Friday which heightens the status of an already beloved day of the week. Who doesn't love Fridays? And who doesn't love Christmas? 

Anyway, Back to Monday. We're doing this. Luckily I have a few Christmas-y things for you to look at to bring some Holiday cheer on Monday morning. Here are your links. 

1. I wish I would have thought of this first. There is always next year. 

2. Dream on this. Yes, a thousand times yes to #4, #16, and #23!

3.  I guess I'll have to keep these ideas in mind for next year's Christmas card. 

For those of you in the Midwest, embrace this weather. It's amazing. 

And to my sisters in Florida and Honduras, yes, we still envy you. 

Let's Monday!

xoxo, Jenna