The Best Day Ever (part 1)

What better way to start your weekend than by gawking at pretty things? I have been meaning to share pictures from our wedding for a while, but am just now getting around to it. Our wedding was perfect. (Humble Brag. Or maybe just brag?) It will forever and always be my favorite. Here is a bit of our loves story and proposal to preface. 

Josiah and I grew up together. Josiah started coming to my church when I was twelve. I never gave him much of a thought because one of my friends at the time really liked him. Fast forward to the last year of high school, he and I worked closely together on a church project and soon became inseparable. We enjoyed that year of getting to know each other, but didn’t know what would happen in the Fall. Fall came, we both went to our chosen colleges. I moved to Dallas, TX and he moved to Spokane, WA. After spending every possible moment that semester talking on the phone/skyping I decided to join him in Spokane. The rest is history. <3 

The proposal happened after we had been together for three years. We were no longer living in Spokane, but had taken a weekend trip to Spokane to visit friends. Proposal plan A, was supposed to happen while we were on a private plane ride with one of our pilot friends, but I, a very motion-sensitve girl, got really sick. Josiah decided to wait until the last day of our trip so that he had time to come up with a plan B. So on the morning of the last day of our trip, Josiah asked me if I wanted to go downtown and go for a walk next to the river (where we used to always take walks when we lived in Spokane.) We drove to downtown, hit up our favorite coffee shop, and then began to walk. Josiah was acting a bit strange, but I wrote it off. We continued to walk and as soon as we came to the bottom of one of the waterfalls, we stopped. Josiah told me we should take a picture, so we did. He then, sat me down on a bench, took my hands, and in the sweetest voice ever asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I would say his plan B was just as good. 

Photography: Rachael Osborn Photography || Bride's Dress: Ellyn Elizabeth Designs ||Bridesmaid Dresses: Ellyn Elizabeth Designs || Hair + Makeup: Sara Fulrath of Stellar || Shoes: Anthropologie || Earrings + Necklace: BHLDN || Wedding Venue: St. Luke's Church in Dixon, IL || Reception Venue: Post House Ballroom in Dixon, IL || Groom + Groomsmen Apparel: The Black Tux || Flowers: Amy Kermott

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures and come back for part 2 next Friday.