Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 7)

We're Mondaying. That's right, it's a verb. It's that thing that we do. That thing that we dread every single week.  We live for Saturdays, but would soon die before facing a Monday. I wish I could offer you a "Pass Go and collect $200" card or a "Get out of jail free card" (Okay, now we are comparing Mondays to prison....perhaps things are getting a bit out of hand). Unfortunately, this is real life and we are real freaking adults so that won't fly. 

I can offer you a couple suggestions to make it better though. 1. Drink more coffee than you ever thought possible. Trust me it will help. 2. Start your day with dessert. That's what I did. #applepieallday #healthcanwait #imnotagreatlifecoach 3. Let the dishes wait. They will definitely be there again tomorrow. Today just address the necessary tasks. 4. Remember that we are all experiencing this day together. We will make it through. 5. Read/watch/look at these links because I said so and you obviously listen to me. 

1. Enjoy this blast from the past. 

2. I love adventurous things (or at least to think I like adventurous things), but I don't know how into this I would be. Either way it totally brightened my day. 

3. Just to keep that ego in check on this Monday. 

Monday like you mean it.