Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 6)

Welcome to Monday! 

This past weekend was one worth repeating. Josiah and I stayed home and did whatever we wanted. Friday we bought a watercolor set and spent the evening attempting to make at least one picture that didn't look like a five-year old made it. I think we were kind of successful. Maybe one of them looks like a twelve-year old made it.  Only like 9,999 more hours until we are pros. Nonetheless it was super relaxing. 

Saturday was equally as amazing. I'm talking a coffee-and-netflix-all-afternoon kind of day. Envy-worthy. 

I hope that you had a refreshing weekend! Here are some links to help you through this Monday. 


1. Not that you really need another reason to love Taylor Swift, but just in case you missed this.

2. I just discovered this amazing cartoonist. Here is one of his cartoons about being rational vs. following your heart.  The struggle is real. 

3. I'm hosting Friendsgiving this Saturday (it's a thing),  here are some tips to hosting your own. My personal favorite: don't be a kitchen martyr. If there is something my mother ever taught me, it was to delegate, delegate, delegate.



Let's do this. 

Happy Monday!

p.s. If anyone can teach me how to make a turkey by Saturday, that would be great.