Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 5)

I hope you completed last week's assignment to do some adventuring. I hope you lost track of time and did something crazy. I hope you lost yourself in the moment and then found yourself on the other side refreshed and renewed. 

This weekend was a tad less adventurous for us. Maybe not less adventurous, but a different adventurous - more of a stay-home-all-day-and-make-waffles-and-relax kind of adventurous. I appreciated the time to organize my thoughts before facing the week. P.S. Yeast waffles are totally worth the wait. #gotorecipe

You better savor every last minute of the weekend (which I consider to last until 8:00 am on Monday). Sip that coffee, in fact, pour an extra cup, take a deep breath, and check out these links. 

1. Adele is back, and with a single that makes me envy her voice even more. 

2. The brutal honesty of children. 

3. If you't aren't convinced that cats are awesome yet. 

Let's Monday.