Because Mondays Are Hard (Vol. 4)

Last week was kind of a blah week. It made getting to this Monday just that much more dreadful. It's bad when you're already thinking about Monday on a Friday. Work was exceptionally draining and it seemed like I couldn't get our apartment clean, ever.  By the time Friday rolled around, Josiah and I were both feeling exhausted and disappointed with the way we had spent our time and longing to do something spontaneous.

A few weeks prior, I had sent Josiah a list of America's Best Foliage Drives. The list includes many drives that would take multiple days to complete and would require much more planning than what we had allowed, so I kind of wrote it off as an "eventual" thing. After Josiah looked a little more, he found one drive that fit into our time frame well. We woke up Saturday morning and just started driving. We packed a camera, two guitars, and a ton of snacks, and drove. Because planning isn't really our thing, we decided to just head in the general direction of Govenor Dodge State Park in southern Wisconsin and see if the scenery lived up to the hype. Spoiler alert, it did. Hundreds of pictures, laughs, and miles later we returned; exhausted, but satisfied with the adventure we had. 

Yay for spontaneity and a husband who appreciates it as much as I do. 

Disregard the fact that Sunday was then dedicated to catching up on chores and such, but like this is real life people. And now it's Monday. Here are the links to get you through. 

1. Watch a three year old girl have the reaction we all had to contain when we heard the news. 

2. No one is quite as over Monday as these cats are. 

3. If this makes you OD on cats, I'm sorry, but when someone puts something together that has cats AND babies you share. 

Take a trip this coming weekend. Even if it's just to a part of your city that you don't ever go to. Be adventurous. You won't regret it. 

But first, Monday...